Transforming vinyls into clocks, the good idea of these college students

Alice, Alexandre, Guillaume, Maxime, Amaury and Mathieu participate in the Mini-entreprise project. These six fifth-graders from the Collège du Christ-Roi d’Ottignies launched Art 33. They turn vinyl records into clocks.

The return of vinyl
For 16 months, these 16-year-olds have been working on their concept alongside their school career. Everything started from a good idea. “We did a lot of research,” says Alexandre Noppe, Art 33. “There was brainstorming, and then we saw vinyls serving as underpads on the internet. is saying that vinyl was a good idea, it comes back to fashion. ”

The six young people shared roles in the mini-company, from the press officer to the accountant and the technical director. This position of technical director is Amaury who occupies it. He imagines the different models. “I’m in charge of the design of our products, we start from a collection such as legendary artists and I’m responsible for finding an emblematic figure that can be made on vinyl”. Then, the model is created on a computer software.

London and Michael Jackson
Art 33 has launched two collections of its clocks. One based on cities, like Brussels or London. And the other on artists with Michael Jackson or Eminem, for example. Laser cutting is performed by a Liège company to which young Ottawans send their orders. It allows you to draw silhouettes or characteristic monuments.

Learn financial management
The creations of Art 33 are sold 25 euros each. It takes 30 euros for a custom order. The goal of a mini-business is also to learn financial management for these young people. “All finance is unknown to us,” says accountant Alice Vreven. “We have learned on the internet and we have advisors who supervise us, thanks to their help, we have begun to understand the breakeven point, the cost price, etc. We are becoming more and more independent now”.

Despite these initial uncertainties, the Art 33 project took shape. And it works, young people have already sold a hundred pieces. They are already working on their next collections based on painters and comics.