Full of DIY ideas with vinyl records

You have just recovered from your big brother hipster a whole box of old vinyl records because it has decided to pass the course of the Vintage Trendy and buy a personality or just your parents had the great idea to get out of their attic the good old classics of their generation story to revive Beatles, Joplin and other Rolling Stones (Aaaah Nostalgie …)

In these two situations, 2 choices are available to you:

1- You are a music lover these vinyl records are a real treasure because you know very well that LP records (vinyl records) are analog sources – that is to say that the information is stored directly on the support – and not digital (like CDs). They therefore offer a much warmer sound quality and close to the original recording and your turntable will not go back to the idea of ​​reading the pieces of Cat Stevens on vintage vinyl records.

2- You do not have a turntable but you love the music and you respect too much these treasures to let them rot in the attic that’s why you decide to give them a second life – surprising and creative – a life of rhinestones and glitter or vinyl, for all that it represents, will be the star, even more than the precious music he holds.

Time to DIY gives you DIY inspiration to make yourself decorative objects with vinyl records for a vintage spirit “memories of music lovers” in front of the music:

1: DIY a clock with vinyl records and buttons
A classic of vinyl recovery, just integrate the mechanism in the center to get a customizable wall clock in a thousand ways. Here are the colored buttons that caught our attention.

2: DIY a coffee table with a vinyl
Elegant and original, the coffee table with a vinyl record will be totally welcome in a small apartment with a trendy look. One way to signify an interest in music with a little subtlety. Still remains to find the coffee table to accompany him. We advise you to go to the side of the tables of garden that you will only have to repaint.

3: Table name tags with vinyl records
For a music lover wedding, what could be more successful than a superb table name written on the LPs of your favorite musicians? The results both surprising and fun may appeal to both old and new. Do not panic, the vinyl is reusable once the wedding is over.

4: A placemat with vinyl records
More discreet but equally charming, the table set with vinyls will bring this touch of originality to your cutlery. The black color can swear with a more colorful set but for a shabby decor with pale white and wood as the main material, the rendering will be even more attractive.

5: A guestbook with vinyl records
Always in the spirit of marriage, my little crush! I really fell in love with this guestbook written in white pen on these framed vinyls. The guarantee of keeping the most elegant and cool memory of the happiest day of your life.