DIY: Create a wall clock with an old vinyl

If we can not dispute the quality of the sound of vinyl records, the music that is inscribed in their grooves is not always exceptional. What to do then discs whose music no longer enchants us? Knowing that the plastic that constitutes them is very difficult to recycle. The best solution is to create a new object from vinyl.

Follow his step by step and sublime a vintage touch your decoration!

Tools and materials
– An old vinyl 33 rpm
– A quartz clock mechanism with wall hook and a pair of large hands, like this one for example.
– Acrylic paint
– Brush and small foam roller
– Masking tape
– Metal file

1 – File the center hole of the vinyl to enlarge it and be able to pass the clamping ring of the clock mechanism.

2 – Mark the edges of the area to be painted with the masking tape. Make sure that the strips are properly applied so that the paint can not seep into them.

4 – Paint the central area. This first layer must be fine, even if you can see the brush marks.

5 – Pass the second layer to the foam roller. It will be more covering and there will be more traces thanks to the use of this foam roller. It is better to have two thin layers than one thick layer. To speed up drying you can use a hair dryer … if you are in a hurry!

7 – Once this first color is dry, you can stick the masking tape to paint the second color.

8 – Paint the second color zone, proceeding in the same way as for the first one.

9 – Paint the needles in the same way, with the masking tape and painting the ends.

10 – Insert the central axis of the clock mechanism into the hole and screw in the clamping ring.

11 – With the nut, fix the needles.

12 – Set the clock at the correct time. Hang on and admire the result!