DIY: Great vinyl clock

Old vinyls, whether we listen to them or not, are part of our collective culture and often bring us back to the sweet memories of childhood. I will give dear to find today some of my mother’s records but unfortunately they left in the trash.

For my chronicle of the week in # 9h50PDL I proposed a series of creative inspirations around vinyl. I had the idea to make a table clock from an old single. #EnricoForever.

A fairly simple and quick idea to make, the tricky part was fixing the mechanism. Count about 1:30 for the realization of this small clock.

1 disc 45 rpm, 1 clock mechanism found in creative hobby store

1 wooden board just a little smaller than my disc: 250 mm x 110 mm x 20 mm

Drill, Jigsaw, Screw

Glue gun, golden paint spray (optional)

Draw the contours of the clock mechanism on the top of the board (about 2 cm from the edge) centering it on the width. Cut the board to obtain 2 pieces: one of 19 cm and one of 6cm.

Make two drill holes at opposite corners of the mechanism location using a forest large enough to pass the blade of the jigsaw. Cut out the inside of the board, adjust the edges to be sure to pass your mechanism. Once the hole is large enough you can fix the mechanism inside using the glue gun.

Fix the two pieces of boards together using the brackets, placing the piece perpendicularly. Make the piece protrude a few millimeters inwards so that the clock tilts a little on the back and ensure its stability.

Stick the disc on the board so that the mechanism is in the center. Place the needles that you have repainted or not previously in gold.

In terms of hour numbers I preferred to play the map of minimalism by placing a line for 12, 3, 6 and 9.

For this kind of creation I propose you to spare your collection of records if you have the chance to have one. I advise you to go to Emmaüs or Ressourcerie or you will find vinyls at low prices and in all styles.