Take advantage of the old music records

If you belong to a little older generation, then you certainly know that all true music lovers say that the sound of vinyl music is invaluable …

Music can often remind us of various memories of youth, and many feel that the records are the best part of musical history and will never be forgotten. Nevertheless, despite the quality and unique sound that the recordings reproduce, they have become part of outdated technology and in most homes they are discarded in a box or corner and only collect dust.

If you are willing to give up, you will stop hoping to be fashionable again and change their purpose, then you will definitely like our ideas of what you can do from the plates. Instead of being disturbed, your panels can become unique decorative items that will beautify your home and give it a unique character.

The old plates can be easily melted and shaped, easily cut and very light, making them ideal material for many DIY projects. Though they change their purpose and shape, this way you will not have to get rid of them. They will still be there to remind you of your youth and all the moments that you will remember forever.

In our gallery you can see examples I’ve been doing projects that came from old boards, and we have to admit that everyone looks great, although they are very easy to create. You can make a wall clock, decorative boxes, lamps, pieces of furniture or whatever you want. The girls were especially impressed with the jewelry stand, while the male part of the population attracted attention to the design of the bottle holder and the decorative wall clock.

Whatever you do from them, you will certainly not make a mistake. They will give you a vintage smek, which is now on the price.

Browse our gallery, and then let your imagination do it, dig out your old boards and make your own project!