How to make clock of vinyl record in just 4 steps

Everybody at home has the little things we’ve been keeping for years and that we’ve got in heritage like old gramophone records. If you find one of these valuable collections, at least one you do not plan to keep, we can make it in only 4 steps to create a unique wall clock

Small tutorial for making a wall clock:

Required material:
– An old gramophone record that you will not cry later if your venture fails
– a napkin of your choice
– acrylic color of elephant bone
– a couple of tempera in the napkins shades
– brush
– sponge
– glue for decoration
– templates for numbers
– paste for working with templates in 3D
– transparent lacquer
– Clock mechanism
– Battery for an hour


Step 1
Take the LP board and paint it with a white acrylic paint. Best in two layers, so that the color is even. Do it on both sides.

Step 2
After that, when the color is dry, take the desired motive cut from the napkin, spread over the plate and paste with brush and decal.

The panels of the plates that remain uncovered with the motive of the napkin should be painted lightly in similar colors, somewhat negligible, that it looks like the text was broken and deliberately destroyed.

Step 3
After that, take a number template and black acrylic paint to draw the numbers. With the other template and paste, print the curtains in the way they fit your motives.

Step 4
Wait until all is dry and finally cover with transparent lacquer in three layers.
Install the clock mechanism, insert the battery and the voila!